Description of upcoming events for the next or current month.


About Us
Description of About Us Sections purpose and contents..


A comprehensive list of Uniform and non-uniform contacts for the Hermit park Group.


What’s New
Up-coming events past the monthly calendar - that is further away.

Photo Zone
a comprehensive listing of photos from the Hermit Park Group events.


Dear Mums, Dads, Guardians,

A number of permission forms have been printed and will be distributed at the point where you sign in and/or pay for your Joeys, Cubs and Scouts.

It relates to photos in the Newsletter and on the website.

It also asks for an e-mail address, so you can be notified of major changes to the website, updates, up-coming events and the like.

Please make it a priority to fill one in and leave it at the Den for collection.

Please sign the forms where it asks for Parent / guardian names.
There is no mention of names on the form, as names will not be used in either the Newsletter or the website.

Breaking News and updates
  Late information dated 3rd of October 2007

Deborah and I (Andrew) have decided to return to Victoria to live.

I need an able-bodied person to take over the webmastering of this site, or it will fall into disuse.  Contact me (see details in the Contacts listing)  We will be going on or before December 1st, 2007. you will need to use NetObjects Fusion 5.0 to update the site, and CoreFTP Lite to post the stuff onto the internet. I also use Picasa2 to resize and edit photos. I have all of those programs and am willing to set them up on your computer, and offer a bit of basic training in their use.,

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